Surviving Spring Allergies With the Help of Your HVAC System

For most people, spring is the season of clear sunny days and blossoming flowers and trees. Some others, however, have to turn to our professionals at Premier Comfort AC for help keeping pollen and other spring allergens out of their home to prevent seasonal allergies. The heating and air conditioning system you have has a lot to do with the quality of your indoor air, and when you’re battling allergies all season ...
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How to Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

Air filters help maintain indoor air quality by trapping dust and other particles in the air as it moves through your heating and cooling systems. In today’s post, Premier Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, shares a quick guide on how to replace your air filters and explains why you need to do it regularly. Why You Need to Replace Your Air Filter Air filters will eventually become full of particles and require ...
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4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Properly

As the days become warmer, your air conditioner will start getting used more. At some point, you might find that it isn't cooling your home properly no matter how low you set the thermostat. In this blog, your local provider of premier heating and cooling services, Premier Comfort, outlines the reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home like it should.     Clogged Air Filter — The air filter catches dust, ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Forced Air Heating

Forced air systems are the most popular HVAC systems available today. If you’re looking into replacing your old heating system, or would like to know how it differs from other HVAC systems types, Premier Comfort presents an overview of this heating system. How Do Forced-Air Systems Work? The forced-air system cycle begins once the thermostat temperature is set. Stale air is sucked through the intake registers and passes through the ...
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Is It Safe to Delay HVAC Repairs?

One piece of advice you'll hear from HVAC contractors like us is to have heating and air conditioning repairs conducted as soon as possible. Many homeowners don't have the time and/or resources to attend to such repairs in a timely manner, however, and the question inevitably comes up: Is it safe to put off HVAC repairs until later? Premier Comfort takes an in-depth look at this question.   The Importance ...
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Effective Tips for Cleaning Your Whole-Home Humidifier

When the colder months of fall and winter roll around, you can expect your heating systems to see plenty of action once again. If you’ve kept up with your heating and air tune-ups and inspections, then you’re in for a warm, comfortable season, apart from one thing: dry air. Heating systems are great at providing you with protection from freezing outdoor temperatures, but they're also notorious for continuously pumping out ...
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HVAC Maintenance Contracts: Are They Worth the Money?

Most HVAC contractors offer maintenance contracts in addition to repair and installation services. While many homeowners find them beneficial, others consider them a waste of money. In this blog, heating and AC contractor Premier Comfort sheds light on HVAC service contracts and whether or not they're worth the money.   What Are HVAC Maintenance Contracts? An HVAC maintenance contract, also known as a scheduled maintenance agreement or simply a service ...
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4 Reasons Not to Skip Water Heater Maintenance

It’s hard to imagine going without hot water in the winter, but it's certainly a possibility should your water heater unexpectedly fail due to a lack of maintenance. Premier Comfort shares a few good reasons you should not skip water heater maintenance. Lower Risk of Failure — Regular maintenance allows you to spot potential problems with your water heater and address them before they lead to premature failure. One of ...
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Premier Comfort Heating and Pets: An Overview

Heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance is a complicated process as is. When you add furry pets to the equation, the situation becomes even more complicated. As pets are family, getting rid of them is out of the question. With a little effort, even the worst shedding scenarios won’t make a difference as your heating and cooling systems will still perform at peak levels. Today, Premier Comfort Heating and ...
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Raechelle P.

Scott was able to come out on short notice at an affordable price! Will definitely use premier comfort future services.


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Scott came today for a clean and tune. Shows you everything and very honest! Thanks for your quick, professional advice!


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Had a steam humidifier installed. They had a great price. Arrived on time and performed a quality and professional job. I would recommend them to anyone!