HVAC System

Why Do You Have High Humidity While Your Air Conditioner is Running?

As your air conditioning system runs, it provides dehumidification. This is normal for a well-maintained unit, but if the humidity in your home seems high even though the AC is running, this may be due to common factors such as its age or some component of your unit not functioning as it should. You’ll need to have it checked by a trusted air conditioner repair contractor such as Premier Comfort Heating and ...
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How to Keep Your Home Safe from Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless toxic gas that's a by-product of burning fuel, such as gas, oil and wood. A well-maintained furnace routes CO away from the house through the chimney. However, a leak can present a health risk to the occupants of your home. In this blog, your premier heating and air conditioning contractor Premier Comfort Heating and Air discusses how to keep your home safe from carbon monoxide ...
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What’s Your Smelly HVAC Unit Trying to Tell You?

A smelly HVAC unit can tell you many things about its condition and the state of your home. More often than not, the strange odor will not go away on its own and may even point to something serious, so whatever you do, don’t ignore it! To keep your premier heating and air conditioning units running efficiently without offending anyone’s nose in the meantime, pay attention to the following foul ...
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Troubleshooting Common AC Issues

Modern air conditioners not only cool indoor air, they also dehumidify the environment. Dissipating heat and removing moisture from the air are both vital for comfort. Sometimes your air conditioner can fail to do these twin tasks completely. Your system may occasionally use more energy to perform its job, but it’s a nuisance when it blows warm air or doesn’t turn on. Leaving major HVAC problems to air conditioner repair technicians ...
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7 Strange Noises That Call for a Furnace or Air Conditioner Repair

HVAC systems sometimes hum to remind you that they’re running, but hearing such a sound isn’t always a cause for concern. However, it’s a different story when they suddenly make abnormal sounds. If you hear any of these noises, it means you need to call a technician and schedule a furnace or air conditioning repair: 1. Popping If your system uses metal ducts to circulate conditioned air around your home, you ...
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Get to Know Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning or heating system or you’ve been thinking about upgrading your HVAC products, it is important to do your research to find the best quality products to support your home comfort needs. Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems has over a century of experience delivering the best in comfort solutions for residential and commercial buildings. As an authorized Bryant dealer in the ...
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Why Fall is the Best Time for Your Annual Tune-Up

Some homeowners may not recognize that their HVAC system requires more maintenance than just a regular air filter change. Keeping your system clean, lubricated, and in working order is an important part of maintaining home comfort. Not to mention, a regularly maintained HVAC system typically experiences less malfunctions, and air conditioning and heating equipment tends to last longer when it’s well cared for. The key to keeping your home comfortable ...
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The Benefits of a Well-Maintained HVAC System

Your HVAC setup is vital to keeping your family safe and comfortable throughout the seasons. A new system is a major purchase – one that can cost thousands of dollars to install. It’s only natural that you would want to protect your investment and keep the setup in the best possible shape. Why Every HVAC System Should Have a Maintenance Routine Routine checkups and maintenance offer several tangible benefits, including ...
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7 Signs Your Heating System Won’t Survive the Winter

If you have a heating system that has not been maintained for the past couple of years, it may be possible that you may have a tough time this winter. Therefore, it is only natural that you take care of it before the winter comes. A comfortable, cozy and warm home in chilly winter requires a healthy heating system. Signs That Your Heating System Needs Maintenance A good heating system ...
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Winter Weather Projections: Brighton, CO

In the average household, heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of all the energy expenses. But with the right know-how, you can stretch your climate control dollar and even take care of some of your own routine maintenance. There are also new HVAC systems and the efficiency standards emerging at an ever-increasing pace. It’s more important than ever before to stay on top of the latest opportunities to make ...
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